Are you ready for Facebook video?

There are plenty of statistics and evidence suggesting that videos can make a significant contribution to your marketing strategy. But many marketers favour YouTube and tend to overlook other platforms. Which does make sense, given that roughly 300 hours of video gets uploaded every minute. However, with an average of 8 billion videos viewed on a daily business on Facebook, it would be a waste not to promote in front of such a large audience.

Which is why we have gathered seven Facebook video marketing tips.

1. Upload Videos Directly to Facebook

We’re not saying don’t bother with YouTube, it is of course a superb venue to get some views from your target audience. However, you’ll receive a better response and more attention if you also upload your video directly to Facebook, rather than posting a YouTube link.

It’s also important to upload directly to Facebook, because statistics show that video posts receive 135% greater organic reach that photo posts. Organic reach isn't easy to come by these days, so it's easy to see why video has become a Facebook marketers biggest ally.

There is also an auto play feature for natively uploaded videos. This beckons your scrolling audience to see and have their attention captured without having to click play. Most Facebook users tend to stop and watch at least a few seconds, so make the first few seconds count.

2. Shock and Awe Within the First 4 Seconds

Of course, we’re not necessarily using the word shock in a literal sense, but it’s certainly got to grip that short attention span. Creativity is your greatest weapon, and humour is significantly appreciated in ads. You’ve got 4 seconds to engage your audience, if you succeed the chances of them finishing the video increases. So keep important factors such as video design and script in mind for the four second hook.

As previously mentioned, the goal is to hold them still during their daily browse. As well as dazzling them in the first four seconds, it also doesn't hurt to keep your videos short if you want your audience to watch until the end.

3. Create Immersive Stories with Facebook 360 Videos

Facebook 360 is a recent creation made with the intent of using virtual reality as a communication and social interaction tool. Now, with this feature in place, you can give your audience a more experiential feel of your ads’ story. As users navigate their screens, they'll feel as if you've invited them in to whatever is transpiring in the video.

With Facebook 360, viewers will be able to pan, rotate, and watch the video unfold from any perspective that they would like. It’s new, it’s interesting, and it’s engaging.

4. Feature a Video on Your Page

The Facebook equation is as such; if you create a video that your fans love, they'll share, and when they share that increases the popularity of your page. Featured video can do the same. Upload a featured video to your ‘About Section’, with a thumbnail that's larger than the others on your page. This is a good way to promote a new service or product, or maybe even tease an upcoming event.

5. Video Taglines

Naturally viewers will be more willing to invest some time into watching your video, if you give them a bit of information on what to expect. You don't have to explain anything, if anything that might be too much text and the effort of the viewer is lost. Once again it must be something quick but interesting, enough to intrigue them. Vague but relatable taglines are an effective way of creating curiosity.

6. Include a Call-to-Action

From a marketing point of view, one of Facebook’s most useful features is the ability to add a call-to-action or ‘CTA’. Getting your viewers to do something is, after all, one of the main purposes of marketing. While many people don't know how to add a CTA to their Facebook page, it's simple enough to explain. Given that the "Add a Call to Action" option will appear by itself as soon as you upload a video.

You can choose from options such as: "Book Now," "Shop Now," and "Learn More." You can also use "Watch More" to send viewers to other videos on your site.

7. Facebook Live

The Facebook Live feature gives marketers the opportunity to stream live events without leaving Facebook.

There is also a feature that comes with it, called ‘Pre-Event Start’ which is a great way to promote your event a few days earlier, to ensure that your audience tunes in. You can even build up anticipation with a countdown to your Facebook Live Date. If you’re nervous about going live, you could even do a mock broadcast to get a glimpse of what your audience will see.

The key things to remember when making a live video is ensure that your audience will be able to hear you clearly and without distraction. Have social media guidelines in place so you know what to do when engaging with your audience during a live broadcast.

Real Time Broadcast

Having an engaging description for the video is key. Make sure it provides information that is both comprehensive and attention grabbing. Introduce yourself and involve your audience as you stream your broadcast. And to reach full potential, end your broadcast with a CTA, such as asking them to follow you on Facebook or announcing the schedule of your next live event. And of course, never forget to thank your audience for joining you.

8. Have a Playlist

Similar to a YouTube channel, you can group your Facebook videos into playlists to make it easier for the viewer to find specific content. This is a simple yet beneficial thing to include on your page, because it can be quite frustrating for your target audience to search through dozens, if not hundreds, of videos. If you don’t make the effort to create a playlist, your possible and current viewers certainly won’t make the effort to scroll until they find what they’re looking for, given that there’ll be more convenient providers out there.


It's crucial to make every effort to include Facebook in your video content marketing plans. After all, the social network, itself, is the leading light of social media platforms. If you want to make the most of your organisation's social media presence, why not arrange a meeting with us to talk about how Facebook Video can help reach your audience more often and with more depth than ever before.