Building Homes

Our latest project took us to the construction site of David Wilson Homes’ flagship housing venture: La Sagesse: 48 premium homes under construction in Jesmond, a short distance from central Newcastle and surrounded by many bistros and bars of the local area.

DWH are synonymous with the high quality housing they construct and this latest project captured their innovative and cost-effective building practices in action as a new roof was efficiently installed on top of a 10,0000 sq/ft building. A task that traditionally would have taken far more man power and time to complete.

Modular components for buildings that are pre-fabricated off site are an emerging and times saving building process that DWH are at the forefront of bringing into practice. Progressing the way and speed in which construction work can be carried out, while still providing the high level of quality that consumers have come to expect.

For us, it’s a great opportunity to focus on another time-lapse project, seeing the processes of another industry first hand and the challenge of converting a several month long project down into a short 3-minute promotional video.
The scope of these projects are huge, they allow for multi-camera setups and a lot of planning goes into filming the key events which can make for great focal points in the finished video.