Don’t Be A Plain Jane

Our latest animation project has been created in conjunction with Forfusion Ltd. A highly accredited IT & Communications company.

We were tasked with promoting their latest software, Pragmatist, a CRM system specifically designed to improve the efficiency of workflow and client monitoring for PR companies.

The difficulty of our task was not in advertising this product, as it offers so many features that are clearly beneficial to PR agencies. The challenge was to effectively present such a large volume of information and make the audience aware of all the applications. Animation proved to be our strongest candidate as it is a medium that is enjoyable for audiences to consume while offering us so many creative avenues.

And so, the stories of Jane and Fiona were born. Juxtaposing the two together (one adopting Pragmatist CRM, the other having not) presented two sides of a coin, clearly showing the advantages Pragmatist can offer and how well the system can simplify business processes.

“The work of the team at ht media was excellent,“ said Sean Ball, marketing executive at Forfusion Ltd. “They went the extra mile to fit around our budget and timescales. We’ve since commissioned them to do another project for us. I’d recommend ht media to anyone looking improve their content marketing.”

For ht, animation projects such as this are a fantastic way to merge the fun of drawing & design with the language of visual storytelling.

Already we can’t wait to build vectors, anchor pin points and map movement to bring future projects to life!