Hadley Steel

Time-lapse projects are becoming more and more frequent for us here at ht media.

Our latest time-lapse video has taken over six months, capturing premium quayside accommodation being constructed from the foundation up to the 5th floor penthouse overlooking the Tyne.
Hadley Steel offer an innovative product for the construction industry - made to measure steel framing that once on site, can be assembled quickly & efficiently. It reduces construction time and is more resilient and stronger than traditional timber framing.


For coverage, we use small dedicated time-lapse cameras that can be attached to just about anything. They capture an image several times throughout the day and we place them in a sequence at 30 images per second to create a video that speeds through the construction process, allowing viewers to see several months of activity within a few minutes.

At key stages of the build we would visit the site with our full production kit to capture real time footage of the contractors on the job. These shots are useful for breaking away from the time-lapse and highlighting key moments of the project and the quality of work.