Not In Our Family

Last month we filmed a powerful drama performance by Little Cat Theatre about elder abuse, which was performed in front of Gateshead’s Older Peoples Assemble.

The performance took place at St.Joseph’s Church Hall which is around 200 ft from our office. It involved us using 2 cameras, our FS700 and Morgan’s Cannon 5D. The performance involved 3 actors, which meant 3 radio mic’s. This caused us a problem, as the FS700 only has 2 audio inputs and Morgan’s 5D has none.

After looking at various options we decided to use a splitter cable. This allowed us to plug 2 radio mic receivers into one audio input.

Little Cat Theatre managed to cover the topic of elder abuse in a way that both informed and engaged the audience.

Pete Ross of Little Cat Theatre said:

"We were delighted to be commissioned by Gateshead Older people’s Assembly to develop a piece of theatre about Elder Abuse. This project was supported by Vera Baird, Police and Crime Commissioner for Northumbria. We felt that the subject was extremely important, and worthy of portraying in as realistic and hard hitting a manner as possible, and were grateful that the Assembly were very supportive throughout the devising process."

"Elder Abuse is sadly a reality, and we were keen that our piece was not seen as a performance, but more as an opportunity to inspire discussion about the subject. We were really happy to have an opportunity to work once again with HT Media. We have a working relationship which goes back to 2010, and which continues to go from strength to strength. The team possess the ability to fully understand the intention behind each project, and consistently achieve results beyond expectation."

"We remain hopeful that this project can ‘grow legs’ and that more people can become involved in the project."

We would like to thank Pete and his team for allowing us to film the performance. We look forward to working with Little Cat Theatre in the future.

Little Cat Theatre: