Olá Brasil

Our partnership with Northumbria University has seen us make several promotional videos aimed at overseas students.

So far we have created two videos that show what life is like for overseas students in Newcastle and how the University can enhance their education and prospects for careers in their chosen studies. The first was aimed at Nigerian students, and the second at Ghanaians. If you would like to have a look follow the links below.

For our third video in the series we spent the day with a group of Brazilian students. It proved to be an insightful day inside the student bubble and it was great to see that despite being thousands of miles away from their families, Northumbria has created a campus that feels like home.

This video really shines in presenting our camera’s strongest features. The slow-motion capabilities coupled with our set of prime lenses allows us to focus over a shallow depth of field and capture intimate moments which would otherwise be missed.

Dave’s fast-cut editing style, weaved with the energetic tempo of the music track, ties all of the elements together creating a pace that pulls the viewer through to the last shot.

There are more to come – the next two films in the series focus on India & Malaysia.