Random Acts

Random Acts Part 1

ht cameraman lands knockout blow ……with a commission to direct a film for Channel 4.

Our lead camera operator Jack Staveley is one of the winners in ‘Random Acts’ a national scheme to encourage young filmmakers.
We asked him to tell us a bit more about it…..

‘Random Acts is a partnership between Arts Council England and Channel 4 to produce 24 short films by young creative talent.
They are bold expressions of creativity delivered in short film form. They come in many flavours: live action, animation, serious, cheeky; made by dancers, visual artists, poets, musicians, writers, filmmakers.

My winning idea is a film called ‘The Fall’ a film about two boxers facing each other in the ring; unknown to each other, however, they both, for various reasons, are planning to lose!
And I’m proud to say ‘The Fall’ has been selected for the scheme and will go into production later this year.

It’s still early days and the work that has to go into pre-production is already mounting; with recce’s, editing tests and casting sessions all ahead of me before I even consider a shooting schedule. But I’m already excited about getting my teeth into the project.

The budget of up to £4,000 will make available some of the best regional talent the North East has to offer and the roles needed to make an engrossing film range from costume designers all the way through to composers.

My next step in the process is a three day residential course at the Tyneside Cinema which involves idea development, workshops and mentoring which will break down the filmmaking process start to finish and raise some fresh questions about my idea.

As the project develops I’ll be giving regular updates and revealing more insights into the film’s stylistic choices and narrative structure. Watch this space’.