Random Acts Part 2 - Development

It’s been a busy couple of months developing my idea so it can effectively transition from script to screen.

It began with an intensive workshop at Newcastle’s Tyneside Cinema. Those of us shortlisted to make films were part of a four-day workshop. We bounced ideas off one another, altered our scripts with industry mentors and pitched our developments to the rest of the group. The days were long but by the end of the residential everyone had a much clearer and well-defined idea in which to angle their creativity.

My idea has seen drastic changes from its original concept. The screenplay has been shaved down to three pages from nine, making it much a tighter and concise piece while also (and this was the tricky part) keeping the story and the messages the same. A big thank you to ht script writer Deb Owens for her considerations and advice.

With the script finalized it’s time to move into pre-production. The next steps include finding a location, scene props, costumes, actors, fighters, extras and a crew.