Random Acts Part 3 - Planning

With my script approved, work began on bringing together the many elements needed to produce the film. This list covered everything from actors, location, make-up all the way down to finding some good quality rope in which to dress the set.

I found two boxers early on who were perfect for the roles. Together we practiced a short choreographed fight sequence and the fighters, super flyweight Commonwealth champion Anthony Nelson & Billy Bell, didn’t hold back on the punches.

My location took a fair amount of scouting. With the help of Northern Film and Media’s production services I arranged to visit Pallion Shipyard in Sunderland. It was better than I could have hoped for; the building was huge, largely unused and falling into disrepair, which fitted the themes of my script to a tee.

Also on my list were two actors to play the bosses. People that could be intimidating and hold a threatening on screen presence. After a few emails and phone calls I bagged ex world boxing champ Glenn Mcrory and boxing promoter Steve Wraith who both coincidentally had impressive acting careers.

Now with everything ready I just needed a few bodies to fill the scene. A very quick social media shout out on the popular filmmaking Facebook pages and twitter hastags bagged me around 20 extras.

The crew was all arranged by True North Productions in Leeds. Now all that remained was to shoot the film.