Top Gear Live

Good news! We recently had the opportunity to film with Top Gear while they were at the metro radio arena as part of their UK tour.

Just a few days ago our cameraman Jack and I bumped into the The Stig at the Angel of the North, then a couple of days later we got a ‘phone call from the Arena asking us if we were free to film with the Top Gear presenters.

We were filming two different videos. The first an interview for Norwegian TV and the second a promotional sketch with Richard Hammond and James May.

It was a three camera shoot which meant using the Sony FS700, and 2 Cannon 5D’s.

The FS700 was framed on a close up on James May. One Cannon 5D was a wide shot and the other was used as a close up for Richard Hammond. Throughout the filming I found myself unable to stop laughing. The two presenters were just as funny, if not funnier, in real life as on the TV show.

Once we’d finished filming with Richard and James we were taken backstage to film some of the amazing super cars they had for the show. These ranged from Ferrari 458’s to Lamborghini Aventador’s. It was a chance for us to use all of our kit to capture some great shots of some stunning cars.

To cap an amazing day of filming with Top Gear off we were given tickets to go see the live show on the Sunday. The show featured all of the Top Gear presenters including the Stig as well as some amazing cars, stunts and races.