Two Weeks at HT Media

I have had the opportunity to spend two weeks with the guys from HT media and learn what it is they actually do. A lot of this included watching two-hour interviews, selecting the important bits and transforming them into three-minute videos.

I was given a tutorial in the editing suite on how the editing software they use for their projects actually works and how to do the transforming bit myself. I got let loose on one of the macs with editing software on and some previous footage they had shot and told just to go for it.

To be fair the software was probably more scared of me than I was of it.

In the end it was quite easy to figure out how to cut the footage into clips I actually wanted to use, and how to put them together, using cutaways over the top to create a voice over effect.

I got the chance to go out and actually film with Jack, the main cameraman within team, going all around Newcastle and Gateshead, using the time-lapse effect on the most complicated looking camera I have ever seen before.

Still the confusing part wasn’t the camera itself it was finding out where the camera ended and the tripod started and actually dismounting the thing.

Learning about the different camera angles, shots and their effects was really fascinating. And I also learnt that filming with a huge camera in the middle of Newcastle does get you many funny looks and a lot of stares.

After importing the footage into the editing software, I was then able to create my own video by editing the clips together and adding a sound track over the top.

I was taken on a creative course, which was run by Morgan, where I learnt more about camera and editing techniques, specific terminology to do with the camera and using videos within a business.

I would like to thank all the guys at HT Media for letting me join there little family for two weeks and teaching me so many valuable things that will help me going towards my AS exams and any filming and editing I do in the future.

Written by Chlöe Holden